Hunting lodge

Hunting lodge "Lamborga"

The Lambordja Hunting Lodge has been designed in an elegant aristocratic style, offering peace and quiet and providing comfort and amenities worthy of the most sophisticated taste.

Lambordja is situated near the picturesque Iskar Dam, about 25 minutes from the wild forest of the Tervel Hunting Grounds, and only 30 minutes’ drive from the Town of Varna, Bulgaria.

The combination of authentic tradition and contemporary boutique-style luxury make for a unique sense of contentment in the guest rooms and apartments at the Lambordja Hunting Lodge.

The memorable gardens around the complex have been developed with the use of specially selected rare plants, providing a burst of colour and filling the area with their fragrance, and a picturesque waterfall that turns into a crystal clear stream and a pond right before your eyes. A romantic bridge adds to the sensation of a magic touch, turning you into a Ruler of Time.

In the Lodge’s exquisite dining rooms, culinary temptations will be lying in wait - the work of an expert chef, mastering the best skills of people from Old Dobrudja.

At the Hunting Lodge, you can find peace and quiet in the pleasant atmosphere of the outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, or at the sauna and the relaxing massage parlour.

For the outdoor holiday lovers, in addition to an unforgettable experience of successful hunting and fishing, there are clay-pigeon shooting, UTV and horse-and-carriage rides, horseback riding; and for those who cannot keep away from the Web will enjoy a guaranteed Internet access.